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Polish for foreigners

Polish is definitely one of the most demanding languages to date, going as far as to be considered one of the toughest ones on the planet. Our experience shows, however, that with a strong will and good attitude towards the learning process, it’s not actually that hard to master. We’ve worked with students from many parts of the world and none of them had any problems getting their polish up to near perfection. All you need is determination and will, the rest will come naturally. After all, you are living in Poland, where you can practice your polish everywhere, all the time.

Polish language course in Walk&Talk Wrocław

We provide interesting and interactive classes, which in no way get boring for the students. If anything, the way we organise our classes makes students interested and willing to know more about the culture as well as the language. Our classes are obviously run by native speakers, which means the end result should be more than great, if not even perfect. Don’t know where to start? Get in touch and we’ll take it with you from there!

We’re one of the first choices when it comes to language schools for foreigners who want to learn polish. We’re constantly trying to improve the quality and content of our classes by listening to your suggestions and ideas. Our classes are not only about learning the language itself, but about helping you to understand and get to know polish culture as well. English is often not enough to get around Poland, which is why learning polish will help you live here as freely as you want. We encourage you to contact us – with our help you can learn to speak polish proficiently!

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