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Marcin Szylkin


Hello to all and welcome. I has lived many many years in Canada. I have spent most of the formative years and university life in Canada. I have spent a lot of time on trips abroad including an Erasmus trip to Spain a few years back, where I gained a comprehensive understanding of spanish. Due to the fact that I have lived in Canada, I had learned a solid amount of basic french because french is the secondary language in Canada.

I have moved back to Poland about two years ago and am happy to be back. I really enjoy being back closer to family and also living in Europe. Those two things brought be back to Poland espicailly living surrounded by the culture and the lifestyle.

When i have a moment, I really enjoy the city life or cycliing around the coutryside, especially on the warm sunny days. If I can allow it, I also find ways to play football once or twice a week.

I can’t wait to sit and talk with all of you. I am a native speaker from Canada so I can help understand the many differences that exist in the english language, both in North America and Canada.

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