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Yuno Kikuchi

Hello there! My name is Yuno Kikuchi, and I’m from Japan. I’ve always loved learning about countries other than my own, and their culture. I grew up in Japan, and over my lifetime I’ve had many opportunities to use English and stay in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Israel…(and more) and all of them have been enriching experiences for me. My current stop is here, in Wrocław, and I love how different life is here compared to Japan.
But don’t get me wrong, I love my country and I would love to share what I know about my culture to you!
I enjoy teaching in the Direct Method a lot, as what it tries to accomplish resonates with how I think languages should be learnt – simply to speak as much as possible in that language. Come join us, and hopefully I’ll see you then!
こんにちは!菊池夢乃と申します。日本で生まれ、基本育ちも日本 ですが、外国で人と交流したり、外国に住むことが大好きで、今は ポーランドに滞在しています。日本語は日本でしか使えない言語で 、その上くせのある言語なのに色んな方が挑戦していて、生徒さん と会うたび、頭が下がるばかりです。そんな過程が少しでも楽しく 、易しいものになるようお手伝いするのが私達の役目です!生粋の 日本人と一緒に是非、日本語を学びませんか?


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